Violence in Hong Kong, violence by “activists” in the EU, there are interesting connections!

What is obviously a connection, that these acts of violence are about the destruction of goods that others have (laboriously) worked out. This also applies to acts of a girl with the name Carola Rackete (you can google), because here the destruction of the social system is clearly approved until desired. The “peaceful” occupation of company premises is ultimately destruction, because there are then major work stoppages, which could even lead to the bankrupts of such a company. What the “activists” on both continents also have in common are goals that can not be achieved at all. Hong Kong can not do anything against China and the same that does not antifa anti-G7 and globalization and the Gretas can not save the climate (see my article on CO2). In children world, one would talk about very naughty(romp, scream, stomp) and that is the pivot for my thesis of the context. When children act like this can lead to violence and even degenerate into destruction, even to self-destruction.

Here’s a note for readers who do not know me yet. I’m in relation with a Hong Kong Chinese and currently on the phone every day (whatsap ;-)) and she gave me the idea with 2 questions: why do young “activists” destroy (meaningless to them) and why are “activists” protected of rather older citizens from the police, e.g. these citizens are doing what no citizen would normally do in Hong Kong. Business is almost sacred in Hong Kong, that is consensus in the country! It is also quite new that courts (judges) protect these “activists”.

What about the age of the “activists”? There are the youngsters (under 30) and a subset of them is ready for violence, anytime. Sometimes the «activists» also have older people, who have the same age as the parents of these young “activists”, who are usually not violent. But they are characterized by the fact that they tend to excuse violance. Since all “activists” feel morally exaggerated, they feel above the law and common sense is out of order.

So and now follows from my point of view, the simple resolution. These young “activists” are spoiled children who never had to fight for anything. Everything they wanted as children and adolescents was given to them by their parents, everything. There is the effect of single children families (Hong Kong majority today, 2nd child too expensive – D between 25-40%). Parents of single children are more anxious than other parents, because if they lose the a child, well then it has no child left. Likewise, parents are always more anxious about the first-born, which also affects the child. There is a study in my head about shooting rates in aerial combat (World War II). Single children have shot down significantly fewer opponents because they were just more anxious (do not find source !?). If parents in Germany today have several children, the average age gap of children is remarkably high (3.3 years). This has increased, although the proportion of twins has also increased, which has the opposite effect. Are not 2 children with a long distance then a little bit individual children? To my knowledge, there is no statistical material about!

Now we look to Hong Kong with the knowledge of single children and single parenting. The “activists” are today destroyers of property. They can do that because property is of no value to them, because as children, they got everything for nothing. And the parents of single children instinctively, timidly protect the “activists” from being accessed by the police. This leads to grotesque scenes, where even the dean of the university takes “activists” under his wings, even though they just destroy “his” university. It’s hard to stop shaking your head. The “activists” are destroying their and probably also Hong Kong’s future and it can only happens because of the parents’ love for the child.

Europe, example globalization and “climate”. Actually, the same happens as in Hong Kong, aggravating here is still the mainly left ideology and the fact that the “activists” of today massively were educated in the philosophy of the 68-generation. This educational philosophy (no limits, no borders in education) alone ensures that property is nothing and then comes the single-child phenomenon on top of it. Alright?

Well, now I could stop, the air is clear, you can see how it works. But a question is not yet considered, why now and not 10 years earlier. In Europe, such globalization wars were a bit earlier, but always very local, now it is nationwide.

First of all, what could Hong Kong have to do with Europe? Only at the second glance you can see it. It is a general stress level in the population, increased by too much migration. Migration in Europe strong since 2015 but migration in Hong Kong? You need to know that since China has overtaken Hong Kong, Chinese people from China have almost invaded Hong Kong (even as tourists) and have always been conspicuous in not adhering to Hong Kong customs (eg queues), they were visible as the other Chinese! Then there were also crazy things, like the cheap milk in Hong Kong, which was business for poorer Chinese (coming buying a full case and turning back) but wonderfully visible, again and the Hong Kong citizens had to buy more expensive milk for themselves. That was a main topic of conversation and every Hong Kong kid knew that story!

Since many rich Chinese came and acquired real estate, this led to rent increases, which the citizens of the city felt immediately. The first major non-violent protests were fundamental popular protests against the visible Chinese who wanted to take away their beautiful Hong Kong (from the perspective of the citizens). In Hong Kong today, Chinese businessmen, Chinese students (who are leaving Hong Kong in droves), but not white people, are afraid. I also recommend my race relationship article here. Whites also own real estate and businesses, but the amount of whites is decreasing and not classified as risk, and this despite of the Hong Kong history.

What can be done? The government and the police must use violence, because this is the only language these “activists” will understand, despite of ugly pictures. Love and understanding will not work! The same time, the government should start to talk with China, proposing a prolongation of the contract (1 country, 2 systems) in a way that young people and companies see a future in Hong Kong

Readers, please visit Hong Kong, it’s cheaper than ever, it has free space like never before and the Hong Kong people need your money ;-). Complete a travel insurance, but do not be afraid, you are welcome.

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